Low Cost Bankruptcy Attorneys

Low Cost Bankruptcy Attorneys

When it comes time that you determine you need to file bankruptcy there are many things that will likely be going through your mind. One thing will have to do with the cost of filing a bankruptcy. It may not make sense to some who are in financial hardships that it costs a significant amount of money in some cases just to file for bankruptcy in order to be relieved of creditor harassment and debt collections. The sad truth is that it does cost to file bankruptcy and the fees will vary depending on the attorney that you choose.

Average Cost of a Bankruptcy

The average cost of bankruptcy is somewhat hard to pinpoint. Filing fees are different depending on which specific bankruptcy chapter you file. For instance, a Chapter 7 can typically be filed for less than $300 while a Chapter 11 may take up to $1,000 or more just for filing fees. The cost of your attorney will vary as well. There are many low cost bankruptcy attorneys around the nation that will prepare and file your case for a much lower fee than others. The key is in finding these attorneys and ensuring that the specific attorney you choose is experienced and can provide the quality of services that you need.

Fee Structures

Attorneys will charge different amounts and require different payment structures. Even low cost bankruptcy attorneys may require that you pay the filing fees for your case as well as the attorney fees upfront before they will even consider filing your bankruptcy. Others many allow you to pay only the filing fees upfront and then toggle their fees to be paid over the next few months. If you are filing a Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy you may find that your fees for the attorney can be included in your bankruptcy which means that you will pay these fees during the length of your bankruptcy payments. However the fee structure works, it simply makes sense to find low cost bankruptcy attorneys if at all possible.

Other Things You Should Consider

Keep in mind that while finding low cost bankruptcy attorneys is a good thing, you should not base your choice solely on cost. You need to ensure that the attorney you choose is experienced and has the knowledge and time to effectively file and handle your case. An attorney with several different cases will simply not have the time to dedicate to you and your specific bankruptcy. You should ensure that the attorney you choose has done several bankruptcies and more specifically, several of the same chapters as what you are going to file. This ensures that he or she knows the paperwork and legalese and can help you through the process. It also ensures that the attorney you choose will be able to answer any questions that you may have and to ensure that you completely understand the process of bankruptcy. He or she should also be able to help you to determine which specific type of bankruptcy is best for your specific needs.

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