Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys

Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, otherwise known as the NACBA is the only association of bankruptcy attorneys in the United States today. This organization provides a number of resources for attorneys and their clients. It is dedicated to helping protect consumer rights for those in debt as well as their attorneys. The organization was formed in 1992 and today has more than 4,000 attorney members spanning the entire 50 United States and Puerto Rico.

What the Association Does

The Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys provides consumer advocacy in the United States Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeal. This work helps consumer bankruptcy attorneys as well as consumers who are in debt in a number of ways. They provide educational programs for both attorneys and consumers and have helped to protect citizens' rights for many years regarding debt and bankruptcy laws. Prior to the organization, creditors easily changed bankruptcy laws leading consumers to fend for themselves. Today however, the organization ensures that consumer rights are protected and that creditors do not have the upper hand in bankruptcy proceedings.

History of the NACBA

When first formed, the Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys noticed that creditors were effectively lobbying to have bankruptcy laws changed to their advantage. This had been going on for many years and several changes were made to the benefit of creditors. The organization began as a group of consumer bankruptcy attorneys who noticed this injustice and began working together to better protect consumers against creditor collections, foreclosures and seizures. They have worked to ensure that larger corporations are not in the driving seat and that they do not have the opportunity to dictate laws and rules that bind debtors today.

Finding an Attorney Member

When choosing an attorney for your bankruptcy filing and process, finding one that is a member of the Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys is an excellent choice. Attorneys who belong to the organization tend to lean more toward the consumer than they do creditors. You should understand that not all attorneys are going to be on the side of the consumer debtor. Many feel that creditors can and should do everything possible in order to collect debts. An attorney that is a member of this organization is a much better choice and will be very knowledgeable about the new bankruptcy laws and any changes that may be taking place. If you need to retain a bankruptcy attorney then choosing one that belongs to an organization dedicated to protecting consumers' rights is the best way to go.

Where to Look

You can find out if attorneys in your area belong to the Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys by merely asking them. When you call to set up a consultation, ask if the attorney is a member. Most will willing tell you whether or not they belong. If not then you can simply move on to the next possibility on your list. With more than 4,000 attorneys as members in the association, you should easily be able to find an attorney in your area.

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